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The way we develop software is absolutely unique and revolutionary. We basically invented it.


For every project, we organize a distributed team of programmers who work on a contractual basis.


We break the project scope down to thousands of micro tasks and compile the output into a single work product. (We have four pending patents for this mechanism.)


We ensure that every incremental task preserves the required quality of the overall project.


“I started to experiment with this idea six years ago, in 2009. I've filed a number of patents, tested it in a few dozen open source projects, and gave it a name. It's called eXtremely Distributed Software Development (XDSD). I also wrote a number of articles about it on my blog. Interested in learning more? Just email me and we'll chat.”

Yegor Bugayenko

CTO of Teamed.io


The quality of code we produce is higher than any other software team can deliver simply because: 1) our quality controls are very strict, and 2) we apply them after each change.


Our teams are also working on open source projects, so you can check our code and compare it with what you've seen before from other teams and other programmers. Also, check out the way we manage projects. All project communications are open in GitHub. Take a look at these recent projects:


takes.org — a true object-oriented and immutable Java web framework for UI web apps and RESTful APIs that serves as an OOP alternative to Spring, Play Framework, and other dinosaurs.

rultor.com — a virtual DevOps assistant that automates merge, release, and deploy operations in on-demand Docker containers and communicates with over 100 open source projects through GitHub.

jcabi.com — useful Java components, including AOP aspects, DynamoDB SDK, MySQL Maven Plugin, GitHub API, etc., all built with strict OOP principles in mind.

The quality

of code


Literally Unlimited Talent Pool

Java, Groovy, Hadoop, AOP/AspectJ, JAX-RS, XML, XSLT, JUnit, Maven, Mockito

EC2, S3, Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB, CloudWatch, SNS, SQS, CloudFront, SES

PostgreSQL, H2, DynamoDB, MongoDB, SimpleDB

JavaScript, jQuery, SASS, AngularJS, node.js, HTML5, CSS3, PhantomJS, CasperJS

GitHub, Rultor, Travis, Docker, Continuous Integration, Build Automation, TDD, Static Analysis

You get targeted skills because we don't have programmers in house. Since we don't have programmers on our payroll, you have the luxury of choosing from a vast talent market of only those professionals specifically required for your project. If your software needs to be written in Scala, we won't try to sell you in-house Python developers just to cover our expenses.


You get access to an unlimited talent pool because we pay high hourly rates for the best engineers. We are willing to pay up to $500 per hour for an exceptionally talented programmer. You can't get that person on a payroll, no matter how interesting and well-funded your project may be. However, for a part-time assignment, we can hire those talented programmers for your project.


We may work with almost any technology stack, but we prefer open source technologies on Linux.




Even though we build a custom team for each project, some developers have remained with us for a long time, participating in many projects simply because they are the best:



@caarlos0 is a software developer based in Joinville, SC, Brazil. You can find out more about him at carlosbecker.com.






















Present us with your requirements, be it a web system, mobile app, or Big Data who-knows-what. We will give you our best team of freelancers, all working remotely, and we will orchestrate their work, keeping you an active participant in the project.


No product owners on duty here or weekly updates! You're the product owner, and all programmers will communicate with you directly and immediately about features and functionality. Although all management overhead is ours.



There is no wasted money here, because we don't pay salaries. Our programmers are paid based on their deliverables. If, for some reason, they are unable to deliver, or if the project no longer requires their services — you don't pay. We don't have to focus on covering our expenses, so we have more time to focus on meeting your project objectives.


In some cases, we're 30 times more cost-efficient than traditional organizations.



Our Best





@carlosmiranda is a Certified Java Developer who also works part-time as a programming instructor; more info here.

@ekondrashev is a freelancer from Odessa, Ukraine, with 8+ years of experience in Java and 5+ in Python; check him out on Upwork.

@darkled is a senior Java developer with 8+ years of experience, mostly in telecommunications and computer science research; more info here.

@ggajos is a co-founder of the Open Tangerine software house, as well as a quality evangelist — not only in code.

@krzyk is a software developer with 12 years of experience developing applications for the telecommunications, advertising, and travel industries; more info here.

@longtimeago is a software developer with significant experience in the securities and forex trading domain who likes automation, quality, and proactivity; more here.




@pinaf is a mathematician and senior Java developer with 10+ years of experience, most of which is in the financial sector; more info here.

Remotely Orchestrated Team of Developers


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440 North Wolfe Road, Ste 61

Sunnyvale, CA 94085




Yes, we're based in Silicon Valley, but our developers all contribute remotely from more than 15 countries, including Poland, the Philippines, Brazil, Russia, France, Ukraine, and the United States.


What is your project about?



Please, tell us briefly about your business case, expected stack of technologies, current situation with the source code (if it exists), and your quality and time expectations.


How should we contact you?



Give us either a phone number or an email.


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You're a Good Programmer?

Consider Joining Us



If you're passionate about software development and quality, we want to work with you. You should know, though, that our coding standards are unexpectedly high for most newcomers. Moreover, our work model differs from anything you've probably seen before. But you shouldn’t be scared — just be ready to improve  :)


We offer flexible, part-time work you can perform from anywhere. In most cases, we expect you to spend up to 10 hours per week blending our projects into your other full-time work.


Our projects are both challenging and interesting. You will solve difficult problems, work with cutting-edge technologies, and collaborate with skilled professionals. There are no routine or boring tasks here.


You should expect to work on small, well-defined tasks (usually 30 minutes each) personally selected to fit your skills and experience. We even encourage our developers to reject tasks if they don't feel like they're a good fit.


  We pay you immediately after a task is completed, either through Upwork, PayPal, or Bitcoins, according to the budget allocated for the task multiplied by your hourly rate. Say, for example, that your rate is $50 per hour and the task budget is 30 minutes. You will get $25 immediately after the task is completed. Here is a sample of our contract.




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